April 30, 2018
I Have Known Craig Kamp Since 1998 and found him to be honest, knowledgeable and very inventive. He has asked me to observe several of his projects over the years. One interesting and notable project was a fertilizer experiment using his special fertilizer to grow a crop of sand grown sugar cane. The project lasted from April to January, when he started his fertilizer program. The newly planted cane was chlorotic and about half the size of the control in the adjacent field which was planted at the same time. Within six weeks, the plants treated with Craig's fertilizer were slightly larger than the adjacent control and a darker color. The test crop was sprayed with Craig's liquid fertilizer every 3 weeks, first by ground spray and when the cane got to large by air plane sprays. The crop was harvested in January and taken to the processing plant where it was weighed. The control was harvested at the same time. The end result was that the test cane crop weighed about 12,000 pounds compared to the control which weighed about 8,000 pounds per acre. The final cost of fertilizer for the test field was half that of the control.
Over the years I have observed Craigs Aloe plants growing in his yard and was amazed at the rate of growth and size of the leaves and number of leaves produced by his plants. Aloe leaves in the supermarket were about one pound each were as Craig's plants leaves exceeded 2 ounds. Again his liquid fertilizer program was the only thing that could account for the difference in size.
Craig, at my suggestion started to grow the Moringa tree. The Moringa has been used in India as a very rich nutritional tree for over 200 years. Craig has given his neighbors Moringa tree seedlings and watched them grow. The Moringa trees his neighbors are growing are half the size as trees he planted at the same time. Again Craigs fertilizer program can only account for the difference in size.

Albert A. Will Jr.
Retired professor of Botany/Horticulture

Chip Werning

I was quite pleased with the growth rate of my Hemp plants using Ultimate Green Products’ Fertilizer.  Since it is a very efficient foliar feed system, I used very little product to get far superior yield on my hemp grow.

I was also surprised to find that I spent less than half of what I normally do with other fertilizers. The yield was 50% more than normal with traditional more expensive solutions.


Chip Werning
Boulder, CO

Ultimate Green Products LLC


I grew 2 Acres of Hemp last year using Ultimate Green Products fertilizer. I planted 1400 clones on the same day as my neighbor.  He planted 2000 clones.  He used traditional fertilizer.  At harvest time I had 500 lbs. of usable buds and he had only 300lbs even though he spent twice as much on his fertilizer per plant.

Peter Berg
Palisade, CO